TRANSFORMER Box, 25 liters / 48 liters or 90 liters, various colors

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↪️️ TRANSFORMER Box ✔️ up to 200kg load capacity ✔️ extremely robust ✔️ available in different colours and sizes ✔️ best quality
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TRANSFORMER Box, 25 liters, 48 liters or 90 liters, various colors Foldable plastic boxes,... more

TRANSFORMER Box, 25 liters, 48 liters or 90 liters, various colors

Foldable plastic boxes, like the ones you often have in your boot when shopping, are a practical thing, even if they can't take much punishment. So what if the principle was made so tough, intelligent and versatile that the folding boxes could also be used for heavy-duty operations, expeditions or even military missions? That's exactly what the tactical outfitter Outstandards from Virginia thought and came up with the fantastic Transformer Crates with 25, 48 or 90 litre volumes.

The durable and ecologically sustainable Transformer Crates made of HDPE with external dimensions of 540 x 360 x 300 mm (48 l) are only 72 mm high when folded and weigh an astonishingly light 2.4 kg when empty. This means that an unused 48l box takes up less than a quarter of the space. The large Transformer box with dimensions of 730 x 420 x 350 mm has a generous 90 l volume.
The 25 l box has external dimensions of 395 x 295 x 260 mm and offers space for approx. 30 kg of cargo.

Perfect storage for on the road and at home, private or commercial.

Despite the lightweight construction, the material and construction method enable an almost industrial load capacity of up to 200 kg load for both box sizes 48 and 90 litres. The maximum static load capacity is an astonishing 800 kg for the 48-litre box, which corresponds to a stack of five boxes with the maximum load, or an almost unbelievable 1,500 kg for the 90-litre box. The 25-litre box can be loaded with up to 60 kg and is a light weight at 1.4 kg. Transport safety is ensured by the construction without metal parts, sharp edges or corners as well as the integrated stacking protection.

There is also a particularly clever detail: even when stacked, the Transformer crates with 48 and 90 litres are fully accessible at all times through a flap at the front.

The Transformer folding crates from Outstandards are available in various colours:

  •         25 litre volume: Ivory and Grey
  •         48 litre volume: Ivory, Black and Olive
  •         90 litre volume: Black and Olive

Additional accessories can be ordered separately:



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