Swiss Pioneer Pick with Bag

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Swiss Pioneer Pick with Bag It’s not only watches and pocket knives that the Swiss do really,... more

Swiss Pioneer Pick with Bag

It’s not only watches and pocket knives that the Swiss do really, really well, they also know a thing or two about cruder tools. This pickaxe for example is used by the Swiss army engineer corps and it’s both extremely well-made and versatile. You can use it for all kinds of outdoor activities, as off-road equipment and much more. The forged steel head offers a point and a flat blade for all kinds of digging work required in a camp, e.g. making a fire pit, digging rain trenches around your tent or cracking ice in winter.

When compared to a foldable army spade, this traditional pick offers considerable advantages. Especially on very hard or stony ground, digging with a folding spade is often difficult or even impossible. The army spade’s folding hinges limit the force that can be exerted and they also tend to get damaged or worn-out. In contrast, the pickaxe’s simple design means that the physical force is concentrated on a very small area at the tip or the blade. That makes the pickaxe your tool of choice, especially when it comes to harder surfaces. And besides, most outdoor digging tasks don’t involve removing huge amounts of soil. In most cases, loosening and scraping will suffice and for that the Swiss army pick is ideal.

With its length of roughly 30 cm for the head and 52 cm for the high-quality wooden shaft and its overall weight of only 1.3 kg approximately, this pickaxe is both easy to pack and to transport. A sturdy roll-up bag made from PU-coated nylon keeps the pick always neatly stowed and guarantees that your other equipment won’t get soiled or damaged. The pointy or sharp ends of the pick’s head are protected by a separate pouch. The roll-up bag is easy to clean and features Velcro strips and click buckles to secure it. A strong handle, finally, makes for easy carrying.

Technical data:

  • Pointed and flat hoe
  • with wooden handle
  • 2-part, dismountable
  • Hoe length: 30cm
  • Length of sieve: 52cm
  • Net weight: 1,3 kg

Material bag: Nylon PU-coated


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