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Nakatanega Stainless-Steel Air-Pressure Tank, 77mm Diameter, 2.5L

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↪️ 2,5 Liter ✔️ only 77 mm diameter ✔️ Made in Germany ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • NADLTA-1
  • 8 kg

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An air pressure tank with 2.5L capacity, but only 77 mm in diameter, for all the difficult... more

An air pressure tank with 2.5L capacity, but only 77 mm in diameter, for all the difficult mounting spots. Stackable and completely manufactured from stainless steel, this tank is pressure checked and available by itself and as a bundle.

When you're out on an adventure there is never a gasstation when you need one, especially when you desperately need petrol or air. But since you won't get around airing down on rough trails or in the desert sand, you will need a compressor either way.

A compressor is certainly the easyest way to handle this frequent change in tirepressure, depending on the terrain, but a compressor always needs an air pressure tank, which is always either too small or when appropriate too big to be mounted anywhere efficiently. This problem can now be solved by this tank, because with a diameter of only 77 mm this tank can be squeezed in various different spots all around the car. Thanks to this the stackability of the tank allows you to easyly reach a capacity that enables the use of air pressure tools.

While welding the tank it's impinged with forming gas to make the tank completely corrosion free and the pressure test guatantees incredible longevity.

As a source for the pressurized air we recomend one of the highly sought after VIAIR compressors. Beware: none of the necessary hoses are come with the tank since the hose-lenght varies depending on the desired mounting point.

Length: about 63 cm
Tube outside diameter: 76 mm
Height incl base feet: 88 mm

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