Shoe bag for roof tents

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Another day is done, be it on the road or outdoors, and you’re looking forward to your cozy... more

Another day is done, be it on the road or outdoors, and you’re looking forward to your cozy sleeping bag either classically in a tent or in your RoofLodge on top of the car. Especially when it’s wet and windy, one thing is of utmost importance for your comfort: shoes have to stay outside! Who wants to have dirt, wet and smell in your sleeping quarters? And just so that you don’t find your shoes in the morning wetter than before, we have a perfect Nakatanenga boot bag for you so that you can keep your stuff clean and dry within reach from the tent. No more plastic bags for you!

Our bootbag can be inserted into keder rails and that’s why it is perfect for roof tents. There are two D-hooks as well, so that you can hang the bag from virtually anywhere in the camp or the car: ropes, poles and much more. The bag is big enough to take a lot more than just sneakers, crocs or flipflops. Hiking or biker boots are no problem. A sewn-in elastic cord with a toggle and a big flap with a click fastener make sure that this bag, in contrast to others on the market, can be properly closed. Rain, dirt or nosey animals are kept out for sure. The bottom of the bag features a mesh insert for good ventilation and draining of moisture. Who wants to step into wet and clammy boots first thing in the morning?

The robust Nakatanenga shoe bags are available in the colour grey coyote.

Material gray-coyote: nylon PU-coated

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