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↪️ short socks ✔️ 60% merino, 20% polypropylene, 10% elastane, 5% polyamide ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Merino Summer Socks low Merino wool is most commonly associated with functional... more

Nakatanenga Merino Summer Socks low

Merino wool is most commonly associated with functional underwear for winter sports, because its insulating properties are legendary. But Merino is also the perfect material for our light sneaker socks for the summer. The super sheep’s miracle fleece provides everything that a good air conditioning system does: it regulates temperature and gets rid of excess moisture.

Merino not only warms but also cools in hot weather and that’s due to the micro structure of the ultra-fine curly fibers in the fleece. They absorb high amounts of moisture and release it quickly back to the air. Effective condensation thus cools your skin and leaves you with a pleasant feeling when wearing the socks. The experience of comfort and wellbeing is still increased by the fact that Merino wool doesn’t itch and that it smells less (and later) than other materials due to the fiber’s antibacterial properties.

Specially selected high-performance synthetics turn the Nakatanenga sneaker sock into a proper athlete, because polypropylene, elastane und polyamide components in the fabric ensure that the natural wool doesn’t get too strained by rubbing, chafing and stretching, especially in the summer when there is high demand from activities like running or hiking. The synthetics reduce wear and tear and keep the socks elastic and in shape.

With thin summer socks, the areas around the toes and the heel are especially vulnerable for chafing or rubbing through due to higher mechanical stress by your foot’s motion in the shoe. That’s why we have strengthened these zones with a soft plush fabric.

If you like our three-season socks, you will love our sneaker socks for the summer.

Material: 60% merino, 25% polypropylene, 10% elastane, 5% polyamide

For hygienic reasons, this item is generally excluded from return.

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