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Mesh helmet bag

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↪️ suitable, among other things, for attachment to Molle systems ✔️ available in different colors ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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If you’re using your brains while doing your sport or outdoor hobby, you’ll be wearing a helmet.... more

If you’re using your brains while doing your sport or outdoor hobby, you’ll be wearing a helmet. Whether it’s cycling, rollerblading, kayaking, climbing, snowboarding or skiing, always put a lid on. That’s the rules, even if having the helmet with you when taking a break or travelling is a bit awkward due to size and weight.

Our helmet bags always provide a safe place for your head protection. The sturdy mesh material offers ventilation and quick drying and dust and dirt aren’t posing a problem either because you can easily wash our bag. This feature makes the helmet mesh a proper multi-purpose or wet bag: running shoes, swim gear or soccer stuff. Anything that fits the bag is well cared for.

A tough sewn-in cord with stopper closes the bag and four clips with elastic bands make it easily attachable to all kinds of backpacks, sports bags etc. The helmet bag is specifically designed to fit the MOLLE system of our Nakatanenga backpacks. The clips slide into the MOLLE slits and both bag and helmet get their fixed and protected place on your rucksack. That means you don’t have to carry the helmet in your hands when you’re not using it and it’s not dangling from the chin strap either, where it can get trapped or entangled in some obstacle. The Nakatanenga helmet bag is practical and secure for everyone who travels a lot for their hobbies. And if you don’t need neither helmet nor bag, you simply fold up the latter to mini size, fasten it with the attached Velcro strap and tuck it away.

Available in Gray-Coyote and Black.

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