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Survival cord, 1.7mm, breaking load: 250kg

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Content: 33 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.76 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)

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↪️ survival line ✔️ 1.7 mm ✔️ breaking load: 250kg ✔️ color: black, coyote, olive, orange ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Survival cord 1.7 mm, 4 different colors „His life was hanging by a thread” – everybody knows... more

Survival cord 1.7 mm, 4 different colors

„His life was hanging by a thread” – everybody knows the phrase to describe situations where survival is at stake. Luckily, modern synthetic high-performance threads make these circumstances much less precarious as the phrase suggests. So why not rely on strings or cords made from such threads in your wilderness adventures?

If you regularly encounter extreme outdoor conditions in your hobby or your job, you need light, durable and multi-purpose equipment which gives you the most performance per pound. Apart from a good knife, a length of good string is part of the absolute essentials in Bushcraft. Among other things, our Survival Cord will help you (in alphabetical order) to attach, carry, clean, dress wounds, fasten, fish, girdle, guide, hang, hunt, label, patch, repair, rig, save, saw, secure, signal, splice, splint, thread, tie, tow, trap, warn, weave and much, much more.

The Nakatanenga cord sports a Kernmantle-style structure, an extremely light yet highly tearproof synthetic material, which, incidentally, we also use in our heavy duty winch cables. But in contrast to these ropes, the Survival Cord is only an astonishing 1.7 mm thin, while still boasting a breaking load of incredible 250 kg. That is more or less the weight for standard survival paracords, which in turn are usually more than twice as thick, though. Carry our Nakatanenga cord with you and it’ll be a load off your mind. 

You can use the 33 m length of string in your survival pouch or backpack to weave a thicker rope for emergencies. Another good idea is to take about 2 m or so to make an equally stylish and handy survival bracelet. How-to videos can be easily found on Youtube. With such a bracelet you’ll always carry your potential lifesavers in different lengths with you,  without the risk of losing, forgetting or misplacing them. The ends can be easily sealed with a match or lighter, positively preventing the threads to fray. Another advantage of synthetic fibers.

The Nakatanenga Survival Cord (33 m) comes in Black, Orange, Olive and Coyote.

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