Nakatanenga Hip Bag

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Hip Bag with many extras It’s not quite clear who invented the fanny pack or bum bag or... more

Hip Bag with many extras

It’s not quite clear who invented the fanny pack or bum bag or whatever you want to call it. But in all likelihood, these hip bags can be traced back to the simple pouches skiers wore in the 1970ies. That would make a lot of sense because those neat little items beat every backpack and every other kind of bag when you are out and about without much equipment. Your hands are free and so is your back, giving you freedom of movement in all terrains and also preventing you from sweating through your shirt or jacket. Whether you’re hiking, jogging or walking your dog, our Tactical Bear hip bag supplies enough storage space to carry all your essentials with you. The same goes for bike and boat trips or even for outdoor work or hunting. You will never feel hampered or weighed down, whether you’re wearing the bag as a classic fanny pack around the hips or “gangsta style” diagonally across your chest.

Its dimensions of 30x20x12 cm make our hip bag spacious enough for all your essential everyday items. Additionally, we made this pack as versatile and functional as real outdoorsmen and -women expect it to be. The “Tactical” in Tactical Bear is also a clue. Material and workmanship are extremely sturdy – whether it’s textiles like 100% Nylon, zippers, buckles, straps or the belt. As is standard with tactical gear, all components feature many additional functions: Velcro fleece, MOLLE mesh, pockets, rubber straps and an additional Velcro pocket compartment on the inside allow for individual customization, orderly organizing and quick access.

Many clever details turn this Bear Pouch into a proper multi-tasker: There’s a loop sewn into the back so that you can put the bag neatly away on a hook once you’re done for the day. We also used lockable zipper sliders so that pickpockets don’t stand a chance when you’re travelling. In one corner of the bag is a small opening for charger cables, headphones and the like. A neat little trick: use it as a dog poop bag dispenser. When you’re walking your dog, push a corner of your dog waste bags through this slit and pull them out as you need them. As easy and comfortable as can be.

Speaking of, for a comfy fit and good ventilation, there is an equally light and robust mesh layer on the back side. Underneath the mesh, we’ve integrated a HDPE plate (High Density Polyethylen). This keeps the bag in shape and prevents pointy items from poking you in the back, stomach or chest. The strong nylon belt can be extended up to a length of 1.60m to accommodate for the diagonal carrying style across the chest. If you wear the bag around the hips, simply roll up the loose ends and secure them with the sewn-in Velcro straps to prevent them from dangling or getting in the way.

The versatile Tactical Bear hip bag comes in the colors coyote, M90 camouflage, black, MTP or gray-coyote.

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