Nakatanenga merino winter socks

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↪️ winter socks ✔️ 57% merino, 27% polypropylene, 8% elastane, 8% polyamide ✔️ high shaft ✔️ ideal for outdoor activities in winter ✔️ fast shipping
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Winter is coming and our super-warm ¾-length Nakatanenga winter socks are the perfect... more

Winter is coming and our super-warm ¾-length Nakatanenga winter socks are the perfect preparation for cold, wet and action in snow and ice. There’s an endless discussion amongst athletes and outdoor specialists what’s more important, shoes or socks, but fact is that the right choice of socks is key to comfort, health and performance, especially in the cold season. What good are the best of boots when your socks are not warming you, stay constantly damp and clammy or rub and chafe?

Our warm Nakasox for winter feature the same combination of natural Merino wool and synthetics as our lighter summer or 3-season socks. Especially in winter, thermal regulation is most important. Merino, the supersheep’s natural air conditioning system, does a fantastic job even during highly demanding activities like snowboarding or skiing. The fleece fibers’ microstructure allows for fast wicking of moisture and efficient condensation. Sweating is reduced and hence the dangers of hypothermia. The warm and dry Nakasox-feeling is further enhanced by the general comfort provided by the material’s touch and feel. Merino doesn’t itch and its antimicrobial properties also mean that your socks don’t smell as easily (or quickly) as with other materials.

Especially when wearing them in boots or for sports activities, a perfect fit and elasticity are what you’re looking for in a sock. A special combination of performance synthetics and the anatomical design mean that Nakasox will stay in perfect shape even during and after heavy mechanical stress. Soles and heels are padded and a thinner weave between bridge and shin make vertical movements as in hiking or cross-country skiing more comfortable. Well-fitted and elastic socks don’t slip and slide and give your feet a better overall fit inside your boots. After long and action-packed days in the mountains, the probability that you’ll experience chafing and blisters is greatly reduced.

Customer feedback is already telling us how extremely warm our Nakasox actually are. Men are by and large more tolerant to cold temperatures, making these Nakasox ideal for more stationary winter activities, like ice fishing. Women on the other hand will appreciate the super toasty socks in everyday situations like winter walks or even at home on the couch.


57 % Merino Wool, 27 % Polypropylene, 8 % Elastan, 8 % Polyamide

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