Auxiliary Air Spring Defender 90/110/130/Discovery I/ Range Rover Classic

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↪️️ Additional air springs for the rear axle ✔️ Reduces tilt / roll ✔️ for Defender 90/110/130, Disco I, RRC ✔️ Best quality ✔️ Fast shipping
  • NAZLF-90HA
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Air Suspension Defender 90/110/130/Discovery I/ Range Rover Classic These auxiliary air... more

Air Suspension Defender 90/110/130/Discovery I/ Range Rover Classic

These auxiliary air springs provide a more stable ride and noticeably improve the handling of the vehicle. Lateral roll of the vehicle is noticeably reduced. The air springs are inflated using the supplied hoses which are routed to an accessible location. A hand pump can be used for this purpose, as can a compressor, or they can simply be filled at the petrol station. They are available for Defender 90, Disovery U and Range Rover Classic or Defender 110 / 130.

Supplied in pairs, the auxiliary air springs can be adjusted to suit all conceivable load and off-road conditions. Simply increase the air volume for increased load, or deflate for driving without additional load.The springs are made from durable and dimensionally stable polyurethane.

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