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↪️ replaces the muffler with Glaspack material and i.e. creates less back pressure ✔️ Defender 90/110/130 from MY 1998 ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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The Glaspack-System for the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (from MY 1998) replaces the vehicles... more

The Glaspack-System for the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 (from MY 1998) replaces the vehicles muffler with a Glaspack, resulting in less backpressure, better heat transfer and a more sporty sound withour making the car suspciously loud.

The decreased backpressure allows for a more rapid flow of exhaust fumes and thus enhances performance. To increade perfomance further we recommend a sport intake filter, chip tuning and a Straight pipe to replace the CAT.

The diameter messured 90 mm, and is a motorsport accessory. This exhaust does not fulfill the requirements of the StVZO and ist not suitable for street use. The system is available for all generations and all lengths of the defender, custom pieces are possible.

Material: Stainless steel

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