K&N sports air filter for Land Rover New Defender L663

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↪️️ Highflow for Land Rover New Defender L663 ✔️ washable, reusable, registration-free ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Highflow sports air filter for Land Rover New Defender L663 You need 1 piece for: 2.0D... more
  • Highflow sports air filter for Land Rover New Defender L663
  • You need 1 piece for: 2.0D (D200/D240) (200/240 hp) year 2/20-9/20; 2.0T (P300/P400e Hybrid) (300/404 hp) year from 2/20; 3.0D (D200/D250/D300) (200/249/300 hp) year from 9/20; 3.0T (P400) (400 hp) year from 2/20;
  • You need 2 pieces for: 5.0T (P525) (525 hp) year from 2/21;

Since the combustion engine is basically an air pump - air is sucked in at one end, then burned as a fuel mixture and expelled again at the other end - it benefits when not only individual components are optimized, but the entire system. In addition to chip tuning, which optimizes combustion, the air intake and exhaust system should also be optimized - i.e. tuned - as this is the only way to achieve optimum results and make the most of investments. As is so often the case, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. One of the simplest and cheapest options here is to replace the original air filter with a model with increased air flow.

K&N is the inventor and manufacturer of the original when it comes to washable and reusable high-performance air filters. Each air filter is designed for increased performance and a lifetime of durability. The filtering effect remains intact over the entire period. K&N offers a 1,600,000 km warranty on every air filter (filter frame and filter media) in addition to the statutory warranty. Cleaning the K&N air filter is usually not necessary before 80,000 km. You too can rely on the 35 years of experience of the market leader in performance air filters!

We offer air filters for almost all cars and off-road vehicles. Buy a K&N and experience the difference:

  • 1,600,000 km warranty. This warranty is independent of the existing free statutory warranty rights. The statutory warranty rights are not restricted by this warranty.
  • performance-enhancing - the higher air flow rate leads to improved acceleration/draft
  • economical: a K&N air filter lasts for the entire service life of your car, motorcycle or off-road vehicle
  • Registration-free
  • Motorsport proven - number 1 in motorsport worldwide
  • Cotton, washable
  • Up to 40% more air flow
  • Saves maintenance costs - no need to buy a new expensive factory paper filter at every inspection
  • Environmentally friendly - its long service life reduces waste and protects trees
  • Cleaning usually only necessary every 80,000 km

No more filter changes - the oil-impregnated cotton fabric of the filter ensures a maintenance-free service life, during which the filter only needs to be cleaned and re-oiled from time to time. The filter only needs to be cleaned when a 2-3 mm thick layer of dirt has formed on the filter material.

To clean your K&N sports air filter, please only use the K&N cleaning kit provided for this purpose.

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