BEAR ROPE Kinetic recovery rope KERR 24mm thick, 8m long, oliv

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↪️ 8 meters long ✔️ 24 mm diameter ✔️ breaking strength: 13 t ✔️ elongation: 30-35% ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • KINTO-248-OLIV
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BEAR ROPE Kinetic mountain rope KERR If you are frequently recovering off-road vehicles stuck... more

BEAR ROPE Kinetic mountain rope KERR

If you are frequently recovering off-road vehicles stuck in mud, dirt or sand, kinetic recovery ropes are the ultimate solution. The decisive advantage these elastic synthetic ropes have over more rigid traditional straps or plastic ropes is their ability to store kinetic energy from the towing vehicle. This stored energy can build in the elastic rope and is then transferred continuously and smoothly to the trapped vehicle.

Primarily, there are two positive effects when recovering cars or 4x4s with kinetic ropes. The rope’s elasticity compensates for sudden load peaks when the towing vehicle inadvertently jerks forward or transfers sudden jolts of force to the rope. This in turn means that the breaking strength of the rope won’t be tested as quickly and damages to vehicles or equipment are prevented. The second effect is that lighter vehicles can recover heavier ones, because the kinetic energy transferred from the towing vehicle can build in the rope until the resisting force is neutralized.

The rope will stretch by an additional 30 to 35 %. The easiest method on both the rope and the vehicle recovery points is a slow and steady build-up of momentum until the rope snaps back and frees the trapped vehicle. Our rope allows for a safe temperature range from -70 to 99°C, which is highly superior to conventional ropes.

Urethane-polymer coating makes our KINTO ropes highly water-, UV and abrasion-resistant. From a safety point of view, we would like to mention, though, that workload and breaking strength can be greatly reduced in damaged or overextended ropes. Taking good care of your rope is therefore highly recommended.

Length: 8 m
Diameter: 24 mm
Breaking strength: 13 t
Material: 100% double weave Nylon / Polyamid 6.6, water-, UV- and abrasion-resistant
Elongation: 30-35%
Temperature: -70°C to + 99°C
Color: green (the rope is available in color orange here)

You can find an ideal storage option here.
A value bundle with rope and storage bag can be found here.

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