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Nakatanenga pulley for plastic ropes, with and without soft shackles

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↪️ Nakatanenga pulley ✔️ breaking load 18 tons ✔️ material: aluminum ✔️ available with and without soft shackle ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Anyone who has opted for high-performance synthetic materials for mountain equipment will... more

Anyone who has opted for high-performance synthetic materials for mountain equipment will benefit from cascading solutions. One steel part after the other can be replaced in the module chain with lightweight and synthetics. With the decision to use a synthetic winch rope, the classic deflection pulley, with its wearing parts, the high weight and the tendency to get stuck, also had its day.

With so-called NMP pulleys - "No Moving Parts" - nothing rolls anymore. In principle, it is only a rope guide block, through which synthetic ropes glide easily, even under high loads, due to the low frictional resistance. This does NOT work with steel cables!

Our Nakatanenga Heavy Duty pulley made of hard anodized aluminum for ropes from 8-14 mm is manufactured according to military standard MIL-A-8625F TYPE III, has a breaking load of 18 t and weighs only 1.65 kg. The large radius of the "reel" is particularly important in the off-road area, since dirt and foreign objects cannot easily affect the cable routing. Our small, ultra-light NMP block up to 12 t is also suitable for less demanding operations or as a permanent emergency kit.

The NMP roll is fastened with the supplied 10 mm thick soft shackle with a breaking strength of up to 12 t, optionally in gray or orange. You can also order the pulley individually, without shackles.

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