Nakatanenga accessory set for winches

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↪️ Bag with: pulley, tree anchor belt, two shackles, work gloves ✔️ for winches up to 6 t simple traction ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Accessory kit for winches Whether as an accessories kit for winching enthusiasts or as handy... more

Accessory kit for winches

Whether as an accessories kit for winching enthusiasts or as handy emergency pack on overlanding trips, our Nakatanenga winching packages contain everything you need when you’re stuck in a rut. You have the choice between a steel version, primarily for steel cables, or the lightweight pack made from synthetics and aluminum, exclusively designed for synthetic winch ropes.

Both varieties basically consist of the same components: two recovery straps, a pulley or block, shackles, protective gloves and a bag. The steel rope kit contains two steel shackles, a foldable snatch block with a work load WLL of 3.5 tons and a shoulder bag made from 100 % cotton. The synthetic kit boasts an NMP pulley made from Eloxal coated aluminum, three soft shackles and the Nakatanenga tool bag coated in robust and waterresistant Nylon PU.


Key items in the accessory kits are two 77 mm wide, high quality recovery straps. Made from polyamides, these straps come in lengths of 2 and 8 m and have a breaking strength of up to 9 tons. By design, the short strap is also a perfect tree trunk protector. FYI: The long strap is a new addition to the steel set and does not fit the cotton bag. It has to be stored separately.


The recovery straps feature end loops strengthened by machine sewn Polyester coats. The 10 mm soft shackles in orange or gray are fixed through these end loops or “eyes”. The kit contains two soft shackles for this purpose and another one to fix the NMP block. The synthetic shackles are ultra-light and with a breaking strength of up to 12 t extremely loadable. As always, synthetics means little danger of injury, easy handling, no corrosion and no damaging of vehicle and equipment. The steel kit on the other hand uses traditional steel shackles with screw bolts.


The pulleys or blocks in the two kits differ considerably in design, material and usage. In the synthetics kit, the NMP block made from hard, Eloxal coated aluminum is fixed by a soft shackle and is exclusively meant to be used with plastic winch ropes of 8 to 14 mm thickness. Produced to military standards, this block has a breaking strength of 18 t and weighs only 1.65 kg. WARNING: Again, the NMP pulley must not be used with steel cables. If you are using steel cables, please choose the other kit with the metal snatch block. Our construction of high-strength 6 mm galvanised steel and a 15 mm polymer pulley accepts any type of mountain rope between 8 - 13 mm: Synthetic, plasma and steel ropes.
The working load of the pulley is 9,000 lbs or just over 4 t, the breaking load is 19,300 lbs or over 8.7 t and is best suited for steel ropes.


The synthetics kit comes in our robust, high quality Nakatanenga tool bag. It’s flexible, very lightweight and uses just as much storage space as the actual contents. That makes it ideal for quick, compact packing and easy transport of all your winching and recovery equipment. Shackles and smaller item fit into separate pockets inside. The steel kit can be stowed in the cotton shoulder bag, with the exception of the long strap.


Last but not least, both sets come with a pair of protective gloves, made from elastic synthetic materials. These sturdy gloves feature grippy Almara plastic leather in the palm area and are not available separately, unlike the rest of the contents.

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