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No rummaging around required with our Tool Roll Maxi. Just like with its smaller version, the... more

No rummaging around required with our Tool Roll Maxi. Just like with its smaller version, the Tool Roll Mini, you get a maximum of space and orderliness from a very compact package. Bigger and heavier tools and accessories are just as quickly within reach as they are stowed away. Think sets of wrenches for off-roaders and bikers or collections of arts and crafts utensils like paint tubes, pens, brushes or carving tools. Kitting out this tool roll is never an issue, due to its 18 pockets and the generous overall size of 44,5 x 81 cm. If it fits your hand, it will (almost) always fit the Tool Roll Maxi.

In the production of the Tool Roll Maxi, we only use high quality, durable materials. Hand sewn seams make sure you can roll it up or unroll it countless times without tearing. PU-coated Nylon makes the Tool Roll easy to clean and odorless. Two sturdy adjustable Nylon straps with snap-lock buckles hold everything firmly in place when transporting your tools.  When you’re working you can also hang the roll by the strap on a wall in your garage, from your car or even a tree.

If you’re a fan of fancy dining in the great outdoors, look no further than our Tool Roll Maxi Hungry Edition – a complete set of quality cutlery and cutting knives by WMF.

You can also choose our Tool Roll Mini if your weight or size requirements are somewhat smaller. If you need to go real big on the other hand, our modular Tool Roll with Velcro pouches is the one for you.

Material: 100% Nylon

Dimensions: XX x XX cm (rolled up)


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