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Hand or shower towel including small Nakatanenga net bag

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↪️️ Towels with eco seal ✔️ including mesh bag approx 28x18 cm ✔️ 100% polyester ✔️ best quality
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Ecologically, sustainably produced hand or shower towel with mesh bag Whether it’s camping,... more

Ecologically, sustainably produced hand or shower towel with mesh bag

Whether it’s camping, backpacking or just a short weekend trip to the lake, when it comes to luggage, there’s one simple rule: Take only as much as necessary and always as little as possible! Since microfiber towels were introduced, “as little as possible” has become a lot less, fortunately. Gone are the days when you had to stuff bulky cotton towels into your bags, often heavy with moisture.

Our towel sets include a lightweight mesh bag and a choice of one or two hand towels or a larger bath towel. Made from 100 % polyester microfiber, they are your perfect travel companion. At 320g/m2, our choice of fabric is slightly heavier than your standard synthetic outdoor towel. But the thicker material was chosen for a reason: it’s much softer, more absorbent and offers a lot more comfort on your skin. The sizes are really generous, too, with 50 x 90 cm for the smaller and 70 x 130 cm for the larger towel. It’s the perfect sweet spot between packing size and a great sense of well-being and comfort.

The thicker material will air dry as quickly as you expect it to – even inside the mesh bag. Made from a polyester nylon combination and washable at 60° C, the 27 x 12 cm bag provides not only a small pack size but also guarantees great aeration, drying damp towels even when stored away.

And by the way: our hand and bath towels are Made in Germany and meet strict standards when it comes to eco-friendly production, contaminant-free materials, sustainability and social responsibility. That’s why they feature the governmental Grüner Knopf seal and the Oeko-Tex-Label “Textiles Vertrauen”.


  • 100% polyester microfibre
  • 90°C washable
  • Suitable for tumble dryer

Material mesh bag:

  • Polyester/Nylon blended fabric
  • washable at 60°C
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