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Tool roll wash small toiletry bag

€59.00 *

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↪️ small, handy toiletry bag ✔️ made of high quality nylon ✔️ available in different colors ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 0,8 kg

Delivery time 5-10 business days


Our Nakatanenga Bear loves to scrub up and keeps everything neat, tidy and protected. That’s why... more

Our Nakatanenga Bear loves to scrub up and keeps everything neat, tidy and protected. That’s why we are introducing our own hanging wash bag with the bear logo on it, for travel, outdoor and camping. Everything else out there hasn’t really done it for us, so we made some key improvements to the most important details and put them all in one cool roll!

Advantage #1 for our Nakatanenga toiletry bag: lots of mesh! We’re using great amounts of mesh material especially in the interior zip bag area, so that the wash roll can dry off quickly after you’ve been to a tiny wet room. If your shampoo or deodorant has leaked again, you can quickly rinse the mesh in a sink or basin. The wash bags exterior is Nylon PU-coated and therefore extremely robust, easy to clean and water resistant.

Advantage #2: our firm G-hook! Even brand wash bags often sport these cheap round hooks that come off with the slightest movement or push. As a result, your personal hygiene items are too often scattered on less than appealing bathroom floors. Our G-hook closes the rolled-up wash bag tightly and you can also use it to hang the bag securely in windy or cramped places. We also enclose a hooked suction cup to firmly fix the bag to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass.

Advantage #3: Roll it up! Roll beats bag, anytime, even when it comes to wash bags. Rolling up your gear minimizes the required storage space and holds everything tightly in place, thereby preventing damage to the bag or your hygiene articles by pointy or sharp objects within. When containers are firmly held together, they are also less likely to accidentally open up and spill the contents. There are two additional loops inside to hold your razor, toothbrush or similar. A water-resistant pocket keeps moisture sensitive items like band aids or medication dry and clean.

Advantage #4: Velcro! Your mirror is kept in place by a Velcro patch. If you need to clean the mirror or use it in your hand, it’s easily taken off the bag. A second Velcro patch on the outside can be used for personalizing your wash roll. Just get one of our handy ID patches and write your name on it. No more accidental grabbing of someone else’s stuff.

The Nakatanenga wash bag comes in grey/coyote, coyote, black, camouflage or orange with a camouflage multi torrent pattern.

Rolled out: 44 cm x 25 cm
Rolled up (depending on contents): 25 cm x ca. 14 cm

Nylon PU coated exterior

Multi Terrain Pattern - Orange
Swedish camouflage

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