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Mobile outdoor kitchen by Nakatanenga

From €365.00 *

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↪️ kitchen to go ✔️ robust birch multiplex ✔️ high quality stainless steel plate ✔️ different designs ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 9,2 kg
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The kitchen to go! ⬛ Think "outside the box" with our new mobile outdoor kitchen ⬛ The idea... more

The kitchen to go!

⬛ Think "outside the box" with our new mobile outdoor kitchen ⬛

The idea behind the kitchen

Our outdoor kitchen is based on simplicity and mobility. A charming and compact kitchen that can be quickly filled and set up without much effort. What began as a simple project à la "kitchen box for the aluminum box" has developed into a heart project of our carpenters. You can see the effort and work put into the kitchen, beginning from the finely processed and milled individual parts made of sturdy and durable birch multiplex wood to the branded characteristic bear logo.

The outdoor kitchen is custom made for the transport in our 60 liter aluminum box Pro and designed especially for off-road use. So do not worry about dishes and other accessoires - nothing will break or clatter, even when driving on rough terrain! The combination of aluminum box and outdoor kitchen provides an optimal working height of 87 cm. Ideal for preparing and cooking meals and recipes. The accessoires has been carefully chosen to give you the most value while minimizing storage space. So pack your outdoor kitchen and bring your best friends and closest relatives for the next excursion and look forward to a stress-free outdoor and food experience!

Further information:
✓ Even without the aluminum box the outdoor kitchen is fully functional. It has several compartments to accommodate all kinds of food, crockery, cutlery and gas cooker.
✓ On top of the outdoor kitchen is a high quality stainless steel worktop. Such worktops are also used in indoor commercial kitchens because they are tasteless and odorless and stainless steel is a highly hygiene and food-friendly material.
✓ Together with the rubber band the grip plate / strut is used ...
 (1.) ... as a front plate to secure the contents
 (2.) ... as a strut for the two lower feet, so that they can not collapse uncontrolled.
✓ You can order the suitable 60 liter Alu-Box Pro separately here.

Basic components:

• Wooden parts made of robust Birch Multiplex
• Worktop made of high quality stainless steel
• Push guides for the lower left compartment
• Folding hinges for the two stands
• Fexible band for securing the front plate / intermediate plate
• Carrying strap for lifting and transporting the kitchen
• Magnets for the stands

Available versions / models:

Building kit: Birch multiplex wood unvarnished
Building kit with accessoires included: Birch multiplex wood optionally unvarnishednatural varnished or medium brown varnished
Assembled kitchen with accessoires included: Birch multiplex wood optionally natural unvarnished or medium brown varnished


With unfolded stands/legs: Length: 31.5 cm; Width 52 cm; Height: 53 cm
With folded stands/legs: Length: 31.5 cm; Width 52 cm; Height: 30 cm
Placed on the Alubox Pro: Height: 87 cm

Optional accessoires:

1x Camping gas cooker with piezo ignition (gas consumption: approx. 135 g/h, gas: liquid butane gas (cartridge MSF-1a), dimensions: approx. 33x29x9 cm, weight: 2.2 kg)
2x gas cartridge MSF-1a (content: 227 g each)
3x cooking pots made of anodized aluminum (1x Ø180mm, 1xØ160mm, 1xØ 130mm) incl. carrying bag
1x anodized aluminum pan Ø180mm
1x Primus chef's knife "Fieldchef" made of stainless steel (blade length: 12 cm)
4x Waca plate made of melamine (diameter: 20.5 cm)
4x Waca bowl made of melamine (diameter: 16.5 cm)
4x drinking cup made of stainless steel (filling size: 450 ml each)
4x Camping cutlery 3 pieces made of stainless steel (spoon, knife & fork)
1x aluminum windscreen with 8 louvers, foldable (dimensions unfolded: 78x26 cm)
1x "6 in 1" spice shaker (35 g salt, 7 g white pepper, 6 g black pepper, 8 g sweet pepper, 8 g curry, 8 g garlic granules)
2x Coghlans can opener
1x kitchen towel

Note: The content may differ slightly visually. But the function remains unchanged in any case.


Outdoor kitchen: approx. 9.2 kg
Outdoor kitchen with (here available) accessoires: approx. 14.0 kg

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