2 lashing straps with automatic retractor

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↪️️ 25mm or 50mm width ✔️ with automatic retractor - no more tangled belts! ✔️ belt length 3.0m ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • ZGAA-30
  • 1 kg

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Double pack of lashing straps with automatic retractor in 50 mm or 25 mm Who doesn't know it?... more

Double pack of lashing straps with automatic retractor in 50 mm or 25 mm

Who doesn't know it? Whether it's a cool box, tool box or other load - such things are quickly secured with a lashing strap. Or at least they would be if the straps weren't in a big tangle.
This is where our ratchet straps with automatic retractor come in - they are as easy to handle as safety straps: Simply pull them out to the right length and hook them in. After use, press the red lever and the webbing automatically retracts. The single rolled-up strap then makes a handy and neat package that can be neatly stowed away.

The straps are great to use with our lashing rail stop points!

Product features:

    Complies with EN 12195-2
    tensile load: 300 kg
    maximum elongation: 7%
    Fittings fully galvanised
    Pointed hook CSH
    Belt length: 3 m
    strap widths: 25 mm and 50 mm
    Lashing strap 25 mm: SHF 25daN / STF 120daN / LC 300daN / AK LC 300daN X25 J37 LGF 0.16 m / LGL 2.90 m
    Lashing strap 50 mm: SHF 50daN / STF 150daN / LC 750daN / WK LC 750daN X25 J37 / LGF 0.29 m / LGL 2.76 m
    Scope of delivery: 2 belts

Please note that these straps are only suitable for securing loads! Not suitable for securing persons or for lifting or recovery!


1 daN ≈ 1 kg

SHF: Standard Hand Force = standard hand force / is the force that must be applied to tighten the ratchet (force of the user).

STF: Standard Tension Force / is the force which is transferred from the ratchet as pretensioning force to the tensioning device (force of the ratchet).

LC: Lashing Capacity - is the tensile strength/load capacity of the lashing strap - LC indicates the permissible lashing force for direct lashing.

Scope of delivery:
You will receive either 2x50mm or 2x25mm - please select the variant you require.

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