Cargo Rail Nut 2.0

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↪️ M8 nut for fitting to cargo rails ✔️ made of V4a ✔️ with stainless steel clip ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Cargo rail nut 2.0 available in size M8 and V4A precision casting and thus best suited for... more

Cargo rail nut 2.0 available in size M8 and V4A precision casting and thus best suited for exterior use. The nut is held securel in place with the stainless clip and can stay in place all the time.

This makes it interesting for interior use, too, e.g. when fixtures have to be removed temporarily from the vehicle and will be fitted to the same place again. There are no protruding bolts, the nut can stay at its place, fitting is facilitated as the clip can cope with lateral force before fully tightening down, too. Once torqued down, the ribbed outer of the nut tightly grabs into the cargo rail, preventing any twisting or movement under load.

The cargo rail nut 2.0 allows flush fitting of optional equipment and fixtures as the nut sits level with the rail and does not protrude above it. Additionally the clip acts as a washer, thus increasing the contact area, expecially in the rounded version of the airline cargo rails, while also protecting painting/anodisation. Four markers facilitate to mark the drill centre.


  • rustfree - nut made of high-quality V4A precision casting, clip of stainless EN 1.4310 steel
  • simple handling - fit nut, secure with clip, bolt on equipment
  • innovative - can be fitted to ANY part of the cargo rail and doesn't have to be pushed in from the side
  • nut sits level and does not protrude - equipment can be bolted on flush
  • secure - sits securely in the rail and stays where it was fitted - does not get out of place, even with nothing bolted to it. Markers in the clip to facilitate drilling, clip acts as a washer.
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