Tool Roll - Socket holder, grey coyote

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↪️ Socket holder for our Tool Roll ✔️ up to 8 slots ✔️ 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch ✔️ with velcro on the back ✔️ practical clamping bar ✔️ best quality
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How can you improve our ingenious Tool Rolls when it comes to making them more compact, more... more

How can you improve our ingenious Tool Rolls when it comes to making them more compact, more functional and even quicker to access? By adding one or two of our ½“ and ¼“ organizers for socket wrench sets, of course.

It’s really easy, attach the socket organizer’s Velcro strap to the Tool Roll’s fleece, push the sockets onto the studded clips and roll the whole thing up. There you go, that’s order and organization for you. No more fumbling around in oily pouches or cluttered boxes to find the right sockets.

The high-quality holders feature 8 studs each for half or quarter inch sockets. The smaller Tool Roll S fits one organizer, the medium M will fit two across. The studded brackets holding the sockets sport metal ball bearings, just like a quality ratchet, thereby guaranteeing a firm and secure grip during storage and transport. Additionally, the individual brackets can be shifted (or removed entirely) to accommodate different socket sizes.

Inside the Tool Roll, the organizer is held in place by a robust Velcro strip made from sturdy Nylon and strengthened by a plastic plate. The organizer rail in turn is attached to the Velcro strip by two elastic straps. That way you can easily take out the organizer rail or swap it for another one, without compromising the exact positioning within the Tool Roll. If you’re used to packing your roll really tightly, you will appreciate this detail.

Sockets are NOT included in the scope of delivery! 

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