Ultralight folding backpack approx. 170g

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↪️ ultra-light backpack offers you enough storage space ✔️ about 16 L ✔️ only 170 g ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Ultralight folding backpack approx. 170 g Sometimes the cart is just so stuck in actual or... more

Ultralight folding backpack approx. 170 g

Sometimes the cart is just so stuck in actual or metaphorical filth that you have no choice but to pack up your seven essentials and seek help. Well, who can then pull the ultra-light but strong-puck folding backpack by Nakatanenga from the glove compartment. With fabulous 170 g you really only carry the weight, which can possibly make the life-saving difference.

Approximately 16 liters of pack volume and side mesh pockets provide space for water bottles, first aid kit, sleeping bag, poncho and energy bars. And thanks to the high-quality zippers from YKK, the backpack will survive many such missions.

Or if you find this too exaggerated: The ultralight folding backpack with the bear finds its place in the smallest roadster and makes also great for daily shopping.

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