Nakatanenga Nylon Belt with Cobra Buckle

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↪️ Nakatanenga Nylon Belt ✔️ 100% nylon ✔️ pants belt textile 45 mm ✔️ max length 140 cm ✔️ Cobra buckle: 100% polymer plastic ✔️ fast shipping
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If all you want from a belt is to hold your trousers up, you’re not thinking this through! Of... more

If all you want from a belt is to hold your trousers up, you’re not thinking this through! Of course, you can do just that with our Tactical Bear Belt and its GT Cobra® buckle, but we’ve packed so much more into this tactical piece of gear: tons of functionality, strength and security combined with ultra-light weight materials. All of this is made possible by ingenious design and a choice of high performance synthetic components.

First of all, there’s the nylon 45 mm belt strap in Tactical Bear quality. It’s designed to carry all the pouches, cases and holsters for all the gear you need outdoors, in rescue or security work, for hunting, construction, crafts, climbing etc. Survivalists and preppers especially will love this belt for its light weight, versatility and robustness. In emergencies, you can lift or carry with the strap, use it in first aid or even in self-defense. The strap is Made in Germany, complies with military standard MIL-SPEC W-4088 and will withstand break loads of up to 2.7 t. That’s a LOT of force for any survival situation.

But the best belt strap is only worth as much as the buckle holding it together. Our Tactical Bear belt features nothing less than a patented GT Cobra® stab insert buckle by Austrian specialist AustriAlpin. Their Cobra® system is specifically designed for military, police, paramedics and alpine rescue purposes. The 50 mm GT Cobra® polymer buckles are manufactured in cooperation with ITW Nexus, the American market leader for tactical high-performance MIL-SPEC plastic buckles. That’s why the GT Cobra® contains no metal parts whatsoever but relies 100% on high strength polymer synthetics, making it ideal for outdoor use. It combines extreme strength and longevity with an ultra-light weight of only 65 g.

As always with Cobra® products, inadvertent opening of the buckle is almost impossible: neither by mistake, because you have to press two buttons simultaneously, nor by exterior forces like pulling or tearing. This is due to the buckle’s interlocking snap insert design. Likewise, it is also next to impossible to lock the buckle improperly. A distinctive click sound will reassure you that the fastening mechanism is properly engaged.

We have to emphasize, however, that due to its synthetic materials the GT Cobra® plastic buckles must not be used as part of personal protection or safety equipment. In contrast to Cobra® metal buckles, the plastic GT models have no certification for rescue, safety or mountaineering uses like rappelling for example.

Our Tactial Bear belt is 1400 mm long and can be adjusted on one side. The other side features – as always with products from our own textile shop – extremely sturdy seams. We recommend to cut the strap to the desired length and seal the cut with a lighter flame. We supply detailed instructions and a lighter with every shipment.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention that the olive-green and black Tactical Bear belt is also a fantastic and fashionable jeans belt? Get one and buckle up!

1 x belt
1 x lighter

Belt optional olive, black or coyote

1400 mm

Safety warning: 
The GT Cobra® 100% polymer buckle has no PPE certificate (Personal Protective Equipment). It must not be used for health and safety relevant purposes, such as rescuing, rappelling, towing vehicles etc.

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