Votronic Solar Laderegler mpp 250

Votronic Solar charge controller with 250 Wp or 430 Wp module output

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Please note that the solar charge controller can only be used with solar panels up to the... more

Please note that the solar charge controller can only be used with solar panels up to the maximum power rating (Wp) and below the maximum allowable voltage (Voc) may be used. The controller is not intended for an input-side connection (+/- solar panels) of wind, water, fuel or motor generators, power supplies, batteries or other power sources.

The MPP solar controller for high-quality motorhomes, caravans and boats. Votronic solar controllers of the "MPP" series (Maximum Power Point) with “IU1oU2” charging characteristics are connected as a link between the solar panel (s) and the battery (s).

With MPP technology, the controller automatically determines the maximum power output (MPP) several times per second the solar modules. The excess voltage of the solar module is transformed to a higher charging current for the battery, (realized by high-frequency switching regulator technology with high efficiency). The gain in charging current is used for shorter Charging times taken care of and for the best possible use of the solar system.

The MPP solar controllers work fully automatically, are maintenance-free and offer the following functions:

  • MPP charging current increase compared to conventional controllers through the use of the latest controller technology (microprocessor) by 10% to 30% (efficiency> 95%). The performance plus is particularly evident in the cooler seasons and z. B. in high fog, lower and diffuse lighting (overwintering).
  • For charging lead-gel, lead-AGM, lead-acid batteries or LiFePO4 complete batteries (with integrated BMS, Balancing, safety circuit and approval!) Of the specified nominal voltages and the additional supply of an Consumers connected to these batteries in permanently installed systems with the specified battery capacities and charging programs.
  • The charging voltage is free of peaks and regulated in such a way that overcharging of the batteries is impossible.
  • Two battery charging outputs: Automatic charging of the main supply board battery (BORD I) as well as support charging and charge retention (max. 1 A) of the vehicle starter battery (Start II) with protection against overcharging.
  • Monitoring-free charging: standard protection against overload, overheating, polarity reversal and battery back-discharge (with insufficient solar power z. B. twilight, at night etc.).
  • Parallel / buffer operation: compliance with the charging regulations even when consumers are operating at the same time.
  • Overcharge protection: regulates the charging current of the battery when there is too much solar power and the battery is full, ensures
  • Power consumption through immediate recharging for the highest possible battery charge.
  • "IU1oU2" charging characteristic: Defined charging voltage increase (U1) prevents harmful acid layers (lead) and ensures equalization charging of the individual battery cells (lead and lith.), then automatic maintenance charging (U2).
  • Charging cable compensation: voltage losses on the charging cables are automatically compensated.
  • On-board network filter: problem-free parallel operation with wind and motor generators, network chargers, alternators, etc.
  • Measurement output for EBL, possibly existing electroblock in the living area of ​​the vehicle: Enables the convenient use of a (Solar) power display built into the electroblock to control the solar system.
  • Please check in advance the compatibility of your Schaudt electroblock (EBL) and the corresponding control and scoreboard, as we cannot guarantee this.
  • Switching output "AES" (only MPP 250, MPP 350 and MPP 430): causes permanent abundant solar
  • The automatic switching of refrigerators with "AES" (Automatic Energy Selector, Electrolux / Dometic) from gas to 12 V operation.
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (item no. 2001): With lead batteries, the adjustment takes place automatically the charging voltage to the battery temperature, causes a better full charge of the weaker battery in the cold, In summer temperatures, unnecessary battery gassing and stress is avoided. LiFePO4 batteries: battery protection at high and especially at low temperatures. If the battery temperature can drop below 0 ° C during operation.
  • Ready to plug in for the connection of the Votronic solar display devices LCD-Solar Computer S for optimal control of the system.

Technical data CHARGE REGLER-MPP250:

Nominal battery voltage (AC) in [V] 12
Solar module output max. [Wp] 250
Solar module current max. [A] 15.0
Solar module voltage max. [V] 50
Charging current batt. I / II max. [A]

 Load programs:

1 "Gel": charging program for gel batteries, characteristic curve IU1oU2
Matched to closed, gas-tight gel / dryfit batteries with fixed electrolyte, which generally require a higher charging voltage level and longer U1 holding times in order to achieve short charging times with particularly high capacity storage and to avoid long-term battery "starvation".

2 "AGM": Charging program for AGM / fleece batteries, characteristic curve IU1oU2
Designed for charging closed, gas-tight AGM (Absorbent-Glass-Mat) batteries in lead-fleece technology, which require a particularly high U1 level with coordinated holding times for full charge and then a moderate U2 level to maintain charge (Plate and round cell technology).

4 "UNIVERSAL": Charging program for lead-acid / wet / AGM batteries, characteristic curve IU1oU2
Universal program for charging and maintaining the charge of acid batteries in vehicles (mixed mobile / stationary). With a medium U1 level, it still offers short charging times, a good charge factor and good acid mixing for open and closed, low-maintenance, maintenance-free standard, drive, lighting, solar and heavy-duty batteries, as well as AGM batteries with a normal U1 level.

Li "LiFePO4": Charging program for lithium batteries, characteristic IU1oU2
Charging program tailored to lithium LiFePO4 batteries with their own BMS and prescribed or built-in protective circuit.

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