Intelligent charge / monitoring controller
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Intelligent charge / monitoring controller

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↪️️ Intelligent charge controller ✔️ guarantees longer battery life ✔️ automatic adjustment of battery type ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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OptiMate Solar DUO charges and maintains Charge Saves dead batteries from 4 V with its... more

OptiMate Solar DUO charges and maintains

Saves dead batteries from 4 V with its unique pulse charge.
The fastest charge is delivered as the "intelligent charge control" selects between pulse and continuous charging depending on sunlight strength. Intelligent maintenance continues the next day if the battery has maintained the charge overnight, otherwise the program returns to the OPTIMIZE step.

Battery status is displayed every 3 seconds. Ready indicator for STD, Hi-Performance AGM and Lithium LEP batteries. Draws less than 0.5mA during monitor mode.
Automatically switches to CHARGE when solar power is sufficient.

The OptiMate DUO charge and monitor controller is separate from the solar module and can be mounted near the vehicle or battery for easy tracking of charge and maintenance progress. The solar panel must be mounted and angled to receive direct sunlight. The range / distance between the battery and the panel is 315 cm / 124″. To extend, use OptiMate cable extensions O-03, O-13 or O-23 and insert them between the solar panel and the OptiMate DUO charging monitor.

Application note
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