Mag PowerSystem Pro 12V Bundle

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↪️ of a PowerPort Pro (socket), a PowerClip Pro (plug) and a PowerPort cover ✔️ for 12 V ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Complete package consisting of a PowerPort Pro (socket), a PowerClip Pro (plug) and a PowerPort... more

Complete package consisting of a PowerPort Pro (socket), a PowerClip Pro (plug) and a PowerPort cover, for 12 V.

Magnets in both the PowerPort (current transmitter) and the PowerClip (receiver) contact the two components and also have a switch function. Therefore, the flat contacts of the PowerPort are only energised when the movable magnet plate in the encoder is switched by a suitable pick-up. Other metallic objects or magnets cannot trigger the switching process. Thus, a MagCode Pro PowerSystem is 100% short-circuit-proof.

The MagCode Pro system can be used for a variety of applications where safe but easily detachable power connections are required - whether it is the cool box in the off-roader or the battery charger - but also headlights on the roof rack or the power supply in the roof tent can be solved in this elegant and contemporary way.

Technical data:

Locking: magnetic and mechanical
PowerPort connection: 6.3 mm flat contact for plugging or soldering
PowerClip connection: Screw connection, max. 2.5 mm² cable
PowerPort installation diameter: 28 mm (M28)
PowerClip projection: 21.5 mm
Voltage range: 12 Volt (also available for 24V)
Load capacity: max. 25 amps (at +70°C)
Port cable length: 72 mm

Dust and waterproof :

PowerPort front (built-in): IP5K9K
PowerPort connection side: IP5K0
PowerClip (not connected): IP40
PowerClip (on port): IP42
Switching cycles (without load): over 10,000
Switching cycles (under load): 4,000
Please note the instructions for outdoor use

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