Votronic Solar Computer S

Votronic LCD Solar Computer

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↪️ Suitable for solar charge controller of the SR and MPP series ✔️ with moisture protection ✔️ provides information about the energy of the solar system
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The following values ​​are calculated and displayed under microprocessor control: - Current... more

The following values ​​are calculated and displayed under microprocessor control:

- Current solar power 0 - 999 W (watt)
- Current solar power 0 - 60.0 A (ampere)
- The geographic and weather-dependent influences show up immediately and unmistakably. This also applies to the orientation of the sun, partial shading or soiling of the solar modules.
- Current solar battery voltage 7 - 32.0 V (volts)
Allows conclusions to be drawn about the battery status (flashing warning display at under or
Overvoltage of the battery)
- Invited solar capacity 0 - 9999 Ah (ampere hours)
- Invited solar energy 0 - 9999 kWh (kilowatt hours)

The energy generated by the solar modules (Wh and kWh) and that charged into the battery
Capacity (Ah) are measured, added up and displayed, even over days and weeks.
The display values ​​can be individually reset to "zero" at any time for your own statistical purposes:

Are the solar modules shaded or dirty or is something wrong? How much energy does my solar system actually deliver?
In order to be able to answer these questions, VOTRONIC offers the LCD solar computer S, which is simply connected to the VOTRONIC solar charge controller of the SR and MPP series and immediately provides the required information.

It is also possible to connect the LCD solar computer S to the controller at a later date, since the VOTRONIC solar charge controller already has are ready to plug in and provide the required signals. The connection is therefore kept extremely simple.

The measured values ​​are clear and easy to use at the push of a button for better control and use of the solar system shown on the display. The display is backlit (switchable) and also from greater distances and very easy to read under lighting conditions.

The LCD solar computer S is designed as a panel version to match the VOTRONIC module system and is both optically and also mechanically (uniform height 85 mm) to the other display modules. Small front panel dimensions and the particularly small installation depth of just 22 mm allows installation at almost any point. If the device is not installed countersunk, stands a corresponding add-on housing is available in our range of accessories. The connection to the solar controller is ready to plug in with the supplied 5 m long connection cable, which can be extended by a further 5 m.

Technical specifications:

Nominal battery voltage (DC) in [V] 12 and 24
Current consumption max. in [mA] 3 - 30
LC display with specific segments
Display function W, A, V, Ah, Wh
Measuring range 20 - 990
Dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] 80 x 85 x 25
Installation dimensions (WxHxD) in [mm] 66 x 72 x 22
Weight in [g] 55
Approval marks CE, E-approval (EMC / vehicle directive)

Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing
Scope of delivery: 5 m connection cable, fastening screws, operating instructions, drilling template

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