Nakatanenga carbon steel fire bowl, accessories included

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↪️ ️ foldable carbon steel fire bowl ✔️ 40x40x28 cm ✔️ incl. barbecue skewers, barbecue grill and carrying bag ✔️ MADE IN GERMANY ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga fire bowl, accessories included Camp fires are as old as mankind. Maybe that’s why... more

Nakatanenga fire bowl, accessories included

Camp fires are as old as mankind. Maybe that’s why we have such an intense relationship with open flames, glowing embers and – of course – grilled food. Hand on heart, is there anything more satisfying on a camping or weekend trip than sitting around a real fire with family and friends?

Our brand new modular fire pit with grill and skewers can be put together and packed away in no time. Plates and stands are made from 4 mm steel. They are uncoated, so that barbecuing food is absolutely safe in our Nakatangenga brazier. Moreover, the lack of paints or coatings will also allow the steel to develop a beautiful patina over time – telling the story of so many good times around the fire! The individual metal elements are precision milled and are simply slotted into each other. Once assembled, the pit’s precision engineering makes sure everything holds tightly together. And since there are neither nuts nor bolts involved, you’ll never lose any small fastening parts as with other assembly kits.

The solid short ends of the brazier include the stands and are made from a single sheet of metal each. Two feet on one end and a single one on the other create a firm tripod stand. This makes positioning the fire bowl always safe and easy, even on rough surfaces. If you have soft earth or snow, you can push the stands deep into the ground like a spade, ensuring rock solid stability. The side elements feature aeration holes to guarantee proper oxygenation for your fire or your embers. All around the top of the fire pit, you will find plenty of notches to securely place the grill or the skewers.

Last but not least, the kit also features a sturdy pack bag made of high-quality nylon, reinforced with truck tarpaulin – guaranteeing safe and comfortable transport of your disassembled fire pit. The bag’s exterior and the skewer pouch are made from easy-to-clean nylon. As always with our own in-house textile products, we make sure that all straps, buckles and seams are extra-strong. That makes the bag probably as indestructible as the fire pit itself. Enjoy our mobile camp fire!

Dimensions LxWxH: 40x40x28 cm
Total weight: 13.10 kg
Material: Steel 4mm, uncoated

1 fire pit assembly
1 grill made of stainless steel
6 skewers made of stainless steel
1 pack bag with skewers pocket

Since we manufacture ourselves, we can offer many parts as spare parts. Please contact us in case of need. 


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