Nakatanenga Tactical Muff

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↪️️ Muff for cosy, warm hands ✔️ wind and weatherproof ✔️ hard-wearing 1000D Nylon ✔️ for hunting and leisure activity ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Muff for cosy, warm hands In the winter and on cold days in general, there are... more

Nakatanenga Muff for cosy, warm hands

In the winter and on cold days in general, there are many occasions when gloves or mittens are not really practical because you need to use your hands off and on. This applies especially to activities where you keep still or move only slowly for longer periods of time, like winter sports events as a spectator, slow walks, visits to Christmas markets or aurora safaris in the far North. Or think about those outdoor pursuits that require the fine motor skills of your hands and fingers, as in hunting or ice fishing for example. The ideal place to warm your hands in these situations is not your coat pocket but a super warm and practical muff.

Our muffs are manufactured in our very own textile shop from best quality 1000D Nylon material. They sport an interior Polar Fleece lining and an intermediate wadding layer to create extremely efficient insulation that will warm your hands really quickly.  On both ends, we’ve sewn in drawstrings to prevent cold air entering through the openings. With a length of 42 cm and a diameter of roughly 13 cm, you can almost fit the whole length of your underarms into the muff. Holding it in place is a sturdy strap that can be adjusted for all sizes and positions. In addition, we’ve also attached a MOLLE fleece to the front, for patches and small accessories.

This muff is the ideal winter companion for every man and – most of all – every woman!

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