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3D mesh special size - 1m length

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↪️ special dimension for special modifications ✔️ delivery in whole meters ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 3DM-26
  • 2 kg

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Sensationally cheap These are the same material as our mattress pads for the roof tents. This... more

Sensationally cheap

These are the same material as our mattress pads for the roof tents. This so-called spacer fabric is optimally suited for ventilating mattresses and is therefore particularly well suited to where the air has to circulate. The 1 million upright PE threads per square meter also guarantee excellent load distribution. The 3D fabric adapts perfectly, which significantly increases comfort.

Due to the cushioning and cushioning effect, the material is ideally suited for conversions on mobile homes and the like.

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 26 cm / 30 cm - please choose the desired version
Length: 1 meter - a maximum of 5 meters is possible in one piece
Material: 100% polyester

Note: The 3D mesh can be cut with any good household pair of scissors, and can also be easily sewn into larger surfaces by hand or sewing machine with a strong thread.

Normally you will get up to 5 m at a time. For special blank requests, please contact us in advance (meter by meter).

The 3D mesh material is available in 26 cm and 30 cm width - delivery in whole meters.

9€ / m²

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