Waterproof protective case for car keys

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↪️️ waterproof case for car keys ✔️ for 95% of all vehicles ✔️ for all outdoor and water sports enthusiasts ✔️ 2 mounting options ✔️ fast shipping
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Anyone who does a lot of outdoor and water sports knows both the problem and the solution. For... more

Anyone who does a lot of outdoor and water sports knows both the problem and the solution. For mobile phones and other gadgets, there is a wide range of waterproof storage devices that allow you to carry electronic helpers on your body in a theft-proof way, even when you are in or on the water. The inventors of the Keyfender have taken inspiration from this and developed a patented waterproof protective case for electronic car keys. Let's face it, is there a more important gadget than the car key?

What's already good for the average driver when he takes his car windsurfing or drops his key in a puddle is almost a must for the off-roader. After all, as a 4x4 enthusiast, you are constantly dealing with the elements. You like to wade for your life and if the wading depth is not enough or you even get stuck in a ford and have to get out of the car, then you are glad to have the keyfender. The same applies, of course, to mud, dirt and spray from all directions. Even salt water, oils and extreme temperatures are no problem. The Keyfender has been awarded the IP68 protection class by Dekra, it is shock-proof and guaranteed to remain watertight up to a depth of 10 metres. The elastic window makes it possible to operate the function buttons on the key even when it is closed. The Keyfender can be attached to the body with a neoprene strap or belt, has a highly visible red signal colour and floats to the top if it should fall into the water.

The Keyfender is an all-round clean and safe Made in Germany product, not only for off-roaders. It fits 95% of all car brands, both for keys with fold-out and fixed bit and also for keyless keys. The maximum dimensions for the key are 9.5 cm long, 3.9 cm wide and 2.1 cm high.

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