Basic carrier spare wheel tray - color: black

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Universal base carrier and expandable platform for the spare wheel. The high school of storage... more

Universal base carrier and expandable platform for the spare wheel.

The high school of storage space optimization actually only begins when all the obvious places like the interior or trunk or the roof have long since ceased to offer anything. With our practical and universally applicable spare wheel tray, even the fifth wheel on the car becomes an equipment carrier.
The practical storage solution for the spare wheel at the rear consists of two components that can be ordered individually or as a set (here in the store). The base carrier with the tensioning strap is adjustable and thus fits all common off-road tire sizes. If one mounts only the basic carrier (sideways), so e.g. starting aids, wheel chocks and other accessories can be screwed to the carrier or fastened with straps. If you want to mount the tray, i.e. the basket, the base carrier must be on top of the wheel. The loading area of the storage basket is a generous 80cm x 38cm, so that even larger equipment can find its place here. If this area is not enough, you can also turn the platform around and attach with the edge down. Raised edges and circumferential lashing holes ensure problem-free load security.
Base carrier and storage basket are black powder-coated, so that the look of the spare wheel tray harmonizes perfectly with any off-roader.

Base carrier: approx. W 38.8cm x D 20cm x H 15.5cm
Loading area: approx. W 80cm x D 38cm x H 5cm

Note: Distribute the load centrally or evenly on the platform. Pay attention to the condition of your door hinges when loading the platform!

It is extremely important to secure the strap as tightly as possible in a locked position so you do not lose your equipment. We are NOT responsible for the use or misuse of the racks and damaged vehicles or lost items due to improper assembly and inspection of the load prior to travel.

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