Nakatanenga spare wheel carrier Defender Pickup / Softtop, until MY2016

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↪️ for Land Rover Defender Pickup (not HCPU) or soft top ✔️ made entirely of stainless steel ✔️ until MY2016 ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga Spare Wheel Carrier Defender Pickup / Softtop, until MY2016   To preserve... more

Nakatanenga Spare Wheel Carrier Defender Pickup / Softtop, until MY2016


To preserve the original Defender look and to make room on the inside we adjusted our classic spare wheel carrier for the pic-up version of the defender (Attention: there is a separate version available for the classic hardtop). The carrier is independent from the rear gate, we eliminated any noise and made it from stainless steel.

The carrier is thoroughly tested, e.g. on the "Grand Erg" Rally. It was designed to ease the installation while guaranteeing usability and resilience. In 2014 we further improved the design and started manufacturing entirely from stainless steel. The bearing does not require service, the entire carrier is corrosion resistant and can be removed just as easily as installed if needed.

This wheel mount is compatible with the additional step and with the hitch from Land Rover, as well as our rear bumpers

The carrier can easily be mounted yourself alternatively we also offer an installation service. Simply add the service flat rate to your cart and we'll contact you to confirm your appointment.


The carrier does not swing open by itself, secondary unlocking to the gate is necessary.

The carrier is also available in black or can be painted matching to your vehicle.



This mount would also work on a Stationwagon. BUT: the carrier always needs to be opened separately from the outside and does not stay opened (on the pickup this is secured by the gate). It can not be opened from the inside, hence using the third row of seats would no longer be possible, since there is no emergency exit. This emergency exit is also required for campers.


The spare wheel carrier is designed and tested for a total weight (spare wheel and possibly other accessories) of 120 kg.


Suitable for vehicles up to MY2016

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