Nakatanenga adapter for hitch-mounted racks for bikes and other sports gear

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↪️ bicycle stand-trailer coupling ✔️ quick release coupling and ball head for trailer coupling ✔️ coupling point can be moved by 25 cm ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga adapter for hitch-mounted racks for bikes and other sports gear Hitch-mounted... more

Nakatanenga adapter for hitch-mounted racks for bikes and other sports gear

Hitch-mounted racks for bikes and other sports gear are fantastic, if you are using your bikes only off and on or once a year on your annual holiday trip. No cumbersome attachment to the roof rails or the trunk needed: simply lock it onto your car’s standard ball hitch when you need to and hey presto off you go. Theoretically, that is, because for most 4x4 owners, the rear-mounted spare wheel will usually be in the way of a regular hitch-mounted bike rack. But that’s where Nakatanenga comes in.
Our premium quick-release adapter extends your existing ball hitch by 25 cm, enough to reach beyond most spare wheels. The adapter locks onto the ball hitch quickly, securely and can also be padlocked. We advise to take careful measurements before ordering, so that you can be sure the 25 cm extension is sufficient for your individual set-up. Please also verify that you have enough space for the quick-release locking handle on the right side of the hitch. Your existing trailer hitch has to clear any obstructions like bumper indentations or the like for the handle to be operational. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more information.
With a maximum load of 120 kg, the hitch-mounted adapter is ideal for standard bike racks, cargo carriers, tubs, baskets etc. Since we sometimes receive enquiries regarding the validity of the maximum load, we would like to emphasize – as the manufacturer – that the specified load applies to the entire adapter and has been thoroughly tested and evaluated for stability and road safety. Separately available single components may differ in their capacity, this however does not affect the maximum load of the adapter as a unit.

Please check the individual road safety regulations and legal requirements for your country when mounting the adapter.
For technical and legal reasons, the use of the adapter with a trailer is PROHIBITED.

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