Nakatanenga Hidden Winch Mount Kit for Land Rover Defender

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↪️ well hidden ✔️ "civil" appearance ✔️ improved slope angle ✔️ protection against UV ✔️ underride protection for steering ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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For customers who need a winch on their Land Rover Defender but do not want the classic, martial... more

For customers who need a winch on their Land Rover Defender but do not want the classic, martial look of a "normal" winch bumper we've developed the Hidden Winch Mount Kit. It is suitable for all Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 and allows an well hidden mounting of many common winches while maintaining a very "civil" look. In addition to the discreet appearance, the Nakatanenga Hidden Winch Mount Kit has many other product advantages:

  • Improved slope angle of the vehicle by raised corners of the bumper
  • Improved protection of the vehicle front by stable construction
  • Protection of the rope against UV rays (important for plastic ropes!), rain and dust
  • Improved theft protection due to hidden mounting location
  • Suitable for vehicles with or without air conditioning (depending on the vehicle cutouts may be required on the grille)
  • The freewheel of most winches is still accessible (you don't need a winch with an externally controllable freewheel)
  • Integrated underrun protection (optionally aluminium natural or black powder-coated) to protect the steering linkage
  • No repositioning of the license plate

We recommend the following winches for use with the Hidden Winch Mount Kit:

  • Superwinch TigerShark 9.5SR
  • Superwinch TigerShark 11.5SR
  • Superwinch Rock 98
  • Superwinch Rock 12.8

Among other winches, the following winches can not be used:

  • Superwinch Talon
  • Warn 8274

The bumper must be registered in the vehicle documents. This can be done by a fee-based individual acceptance.

  • Depending on the vehicle version and winch type, it may be necessary to adapt the radiator grille.
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