Overhauled manual gearbox MT82 for Land Rover Defender TD4

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Overhauled manual gearbox MT82 for Land Rover Defender TD4 2007 was the model year that saw... more

Overhauled manual gearbox MT82 for Land Rover Defender TD4

2007 was the model year that saw the last Defenders featuring Land Rover engines made in Solihull, from spring 2007 the 2.5l TD5s were then replaced by Ford “Puma” motors. These new Durotorq engines – 2.4l from 2007 and 2.2l from 2011 – also came with an upgrade to a six-gear transmission, the MT82 by Getrag Ford. This gear box has been widely in use not only in Land Rovers but also in many Ford models from the Transit to the Mustang.

For damaged transmissions or new builds of Td4 Defenders, we recommend these refurbished MT82 exchange units – and not only for cost-effectiveness. The quality of these replacement gear boxes leaves nothing to be desired either. The transmissions are rebuilt and refurbished by a specialized manufacturer where each single component gets inspected and replaced if necessary. Wear parts such as seals etc. are being renewed. Each refurbished gear box will leave the factory only after having passed an intensive testing regime.

Please note: The pricing contains a 500,00 Euro deposit for your old gear box. If you submit your old transmission for an exchange, we refund the amount of 500,00 €, provided the housing of the gear box is in good condition and the transmission can be refurbished.


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