Vacuum unit (for turbocharger) TD5

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If you’re experiencing performance problems with the turbo, the problem can be as simple as a... more

If you’re experiencing performance problems with the turbo, the problem can be as simple as a faulty, leaky or seized actuator. The actuator is pneumatically regulated, purely mechanical and is designed to open the wastegate in the turbo charger. At high load, a good part of the hot exhaust gases are thus diverted directly into the exhaust system without propelling the turbo beyond its own safety limits and the critical boost pressure for the engine.

Generally speaking, if your turbo stops working correctly, Land Rover will only supply the entire turbo assembly. But if the fault lies only with the actuator, you can order the module as a separate replacement part from us. In many cases, that can solve your problem without having to resort to buying a complete turbo assembly.

Installing the new actuator in the Td5’s turbo is fairly easy. Simply screw it onto the bracket and attach both the actuator arm to the wastegate mechanism and the pressure hose to the actuator. Assuming your adjustment screw on the old actuator was in the correct position, simply set the new actuator’s arm to the same length to achieve the correct settings.

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