NOLDEN Generation 2 High Performance 7" Bi-LED Headlight

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↪️ main headlight with reflector technology ✔️ ECE/SAE approval for passenger, 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes ✔️ H4 socket ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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NOLDEN Generation 2 High Performance 7" Bi-LED Headlight Innovative 7" LED main headlight... more

NOLDEN Generation 2 High Performance 7" Bi-LED Headlight

Innovative 7" LED main headlight Generation 2 with proven reflector technology combines low- and hight-beam as well as (optional) position light in one lamp. Original dimensions and standard H4 socket mean that this is an easy to fit, durable replacement upgrade for any Land Rover Defender 90/110/130. Price for one lamp!

Also fits (in some cases with additional apaptors or wiring looms) other vehicles, like Jeep Wrangler JK/TJ/CJ, various Toyota, Mercedes G etc.

The integrated electronic driver / control unit makes for easy fitment. NOLDEN headlights are road legal, of course. They have ECE (also known as E-marked) and SAE approval and are available for either LHD (EU version) or RHD (UK version) vehicles. You can choose between light-crome and darker dark-crome looks.

Update: for a nicer look, the headlights are now also available in full black!

Compared to traditional halogen headlights LED lights offer many advantages:

  • higher light output ("more light")
  • more comfortable light ("white light"), closer to sunlight
  • low energy consumption (32/39 W compared to 55/60 W low/high-beam)
  • vibration and shock proof design (especially important for diesel cars or off-road use)
  • never again (ca. 30.000 hrs lifetime)
  • white road Illumination compatible with HID/Xenon
  • one of the brightest LED high and low beam 7“ headlights available
  • Available in chrome, dark chrome, matt black and full black

Many users of classical vehicles, especially off-road vehicles (Defender, Wrangler, G-Wagon) have been looking for modern headlights with classical looks. Up to now 7“ LED headlights had offered better illumination than halogen headlights, yet they didn't give optimum illumination or were of inferior design. In addition these were often retrofitting solutions that didn't meet OEM specifications. The new NCC 7“ Bi-LED headlight was especially tailored to meet the OEM requirements. All components, from the LED to the plug, are designed and produced accordingly making up a perfect overall system.

The design of the 7“ Bi-LED headlights reminds more of a conventional halogen headlight that looks like the well-known classic design. The familiar appearance of the vehicle is thus not changed much and essentially still looks like “OE“.

The illumination level of the new NCC 7“ Bi-LED headlight is equally good as that of a Xenon headlight. However, the new NOLDEN headlight system has the big advantage of a lower current consumption, which increases the life of the system significantly thus noticeably lowering the operating costs. In a normal case it can be expected that the life of the NCC 7“ Bi-LED headlight is much longer than that of the vehicle. The ligths don't require headlight adjustment or the headlight cleaning system of the Xenon system, retrofitting with the new NCC 7“ Bi-LED headlight is therefore much easier, faster and in the end less expensive than is the case with the Xenon headlights.

Technical details:

  • dimensions in mm: 177 x 152
  • number of LED: 5 x Osram Automotive
  • output (low-/high-beam): 32 W / 39 W
  • voltage range: 9-32 V
  • lumens calculated: 1880 lm / 2400 lm
  • lumens measured: 1550 lm / 1700 lm
  • fixing: PAR56
  • homologation: ECE, SAE
  • front lens: UV resistent polycarbonate hard coated front lens
  • housing: lightweight, rigid alumium housing
  • waterproof: 480 h salt spray tested and fully water proof to IP6K9K

NOLDEN Bi-LED main headlights are also suitable and approved for many European, Asian and American motorbikes.

If your vehicle has a CANBUS system or a lamp failure check, please contact us before purchase.

IMPORTANT: We do not ship the right-hand drive / left-hand traffic versions to UK.
UK customers please visit for the RHD/LHT headlights.

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