Horntools Alpha 9.5 winch

Horntools Alpha 9.5 winch, 4300kg traction, 12V

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↪️ electric cable winch ✔️ 4,300 kg traction ✔️ including remote control, roller cable window, steel cable and winch hook ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • HSW950012V
  • 45 kg Sperrgut

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The Horntools Alpha 9.5   With its low weight and compact dimensions, it is perfect... more

The Horntools Alpha 9.5  

With its low weight and compact dimensions, it is perfect for vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons.

Especially for touring vehicles that are fully equipped, the winch should not have too much weight, but still have to do great things.


  • 9.2 mm Ø galvanized steel cable with 26 m length with hook
  • INFO: steel cable is included separately in the scope of delivery
  • stainless steel roller rope window
  • remote control 1x cable
  • potted reinforced relay (contactor) waterproof
  • motor IP67 sealed by groove with sealing ring
  • removable control unit (so that the control can be installed as desired)
  • freewheel lever * gear neutral position made of stainless steel
  • cross braces made of stainless steel
  • reinforced rope drum ** (suitable for use with plastic rope)
  • powder-coated aluminum die-cast housing, motor / gearbox
  • reinforced contactor housing made of deep-drawn sheet metal, powder-coated
  • internal drum brake with 3 brake shoes
  • cable length: 1.4 m
  • cable cross section: 35 mm²
  • 3-year warranty - this warranty exists independently of the existing gratuitous statutory rights for defects. The statutory rights in respect of defects are not restricted by this guarantee.
  • Operating instructions

* A freewheel lever is used to decouple the gearbox to quickly unwind the winch by hand.

Technical specifications:

  • working range voltage: 10-16 Volt
  • max. Power consumption 365 Amp **
  • train speed free of load 7m / minute
  • traction 4,300 kg **
  • 3-stage planetary gear 230: 1 geared down
  • gross weight: 40 kg
  • net weight: 32.3 kg
  • weight with steel cable and roller cable window: 37.5kg
  • Series wound motor *
  • drum (ØxLength): 63 x 226 mm
  • overall size (LxWxH): 577 x 160 x 225mm

* Series motor with an electrically generated magnetic field
** Values ​​can vary considerably, depending on the battery system, the winch can pull up to twice, the traction is designed for a standard 70AH battery. With more powerful battery systems, the pulling power must be limited by the current / voltage.

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