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Cable winch set for Lada Niva / Taiga, including complete installation set

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↪️ Winch set ✔️ for Lada Niva Taiga ✔️ best quality ✔️fast shipping
  • 69 kg Sperrgut

Not available

voraussichtlich ab Mitte / Ende Oktober 2021 wieder lieferbar

Cable winch set for Lada Niva / Taiga, including complete installation set The extremely... more

Cable winch set for Lada Niva / Taiga, including complete installation set

The extremely robust bumper fits the original stops on the Lada.
Now you have not only a winch holder, but a massive, shapely steel bumper, which was kept in the original design. The powder-coated bumper has a shackle holder (shackle included) and pickup points for a Farm Jack jack.

Since the original alternator and the Lada battery are very small, we recommend one Upgrade at least the battery. Ask your Lada dealer about the possibilities.

NOT SUITABLE FOR A LADA BRONTO with plastic bumper!

In the version with aluminum bumper, the system fits! The grille must be cut out for new Ladas!


The certificate applies to vehicles up to the year of construction: see below!

Technical specifications:

Motor: 3.8kW / 5.1 HP
Motor type: Series wound motor (the magnetic field is generated electrically)
Maximum power consumption: 320 amps
Voltage: 12 volts

Reduction: 210: 1
3-stage planetary gear

General data:
Max pulling force: 3629 kg
Maximum train speed: 7 m / min (measured without load)
Plastic rope (diameter x length): 10 mm x 30 m
Drum (diameter x length): 63 x 227 mm
Overall size (LxWxH): 570 x 180 x 243 mm
Net weight: 32.8 kg
Gross weight: 35 kg
Overrunning clutch (decoupling the gearbox to unwind the rope by hand)

Included accessories:
cable remote control
mounting screws
operation manual
Bumpers spacers

TÜV certificate for the following vehicles:

Vehicle type         ABE / EG-BE no.         Variant / version
212140                  e2 * 93/81 * 0183 * ..                 all
212140                  e2 * 98/14 * 0051 * ..                 all
21214                    e1 * KS * 0004 * ..                     all
2121A                   e1 * KS * 0008 * ..                      all
2121                     e2 * 98/14 * 0183 * ..                 all
2121                    e2 * 2001/116 * 0260 * ..            all
2121 **** DA        e2 * 2001/116 * 0326 * ..            all
2121DE               e1 * KS07 / 46 * 0021 * ..           all
M2121                 e2 * KS07 / 46 * 0011 * ..           all
N2121                 e2 * KS07 / 46 * 0012 * ..           all
M2131                e2 * KS07 / 46 * 0077 * ..           all

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