Horntools Alpha 12.0 winch

Horntools Alpha 12.0 winch, 5400kg traction, 12V

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↪️ electric cable winch ✔️ 12 V ✔️ 5,400 kg tractive force ✔️ including remote control, roller cable window, steel cable and winch hook ✔️ fast shipping
  • HSW12000Q12V
  • 49 kg Sperrgut

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The Horntools Alpha 12.0 Super Speed ​​Edition With its low weight and compact dimensions, it... more

The Horntools Alpha 12.0 Super Speed ​​Edition

With its low weight and compact dimensions, it is perfectly suitable for vehicles with a total weight of up to 4 tons.


  • 9.2 mm Ø galvanized steel cable with 28 m length with hook
  • INFO: Steel rope is included separately in the scope of delivery
  • stainless steel roller rope window
  • remote control 1x cable 1x radio integrated (delivered without battery)
  • potted reinforced relay (contactor) waterproof
  • motor IP67 sealed by groove with sealing ring
  • removable control unit (so that the control can be installed as desired)
  • freewheel lever * gear neutral position made of stainless steel
  • cross braces made of stainless steel
  • reinforced rope drum ** (suitable for use with plastic rope)
  • powder-coated aluminum die-cast housing, motor / gearbox
  • reinforced contactor housing made of deep-drawn sheet metal, powder-coated
  • internal drum brake with 3 brake shoes
  • cable length: 1.7 m
  • cable cross section: 50 mm²
  • 3 year guarantee
  • operation manual
* A freewheel lever is used to decouple the gearbox to quickly unwind the winch by hand.

Technical specifications:

  • working range voltage: 10-16 Volt
  • max. Power consumption 600 A **
  • train speed free of load 11 m / minute
  • traction 5,400 kg **
  • 3-stage planetary gear 110: 1 geared down
  • net weight: 25.8 kg without rope and rope window
  • Series wound motor *
  • drum (ØxLength): 63x226 mm
  • overall size (LxWxH): 577 x 160 x 225 mm

* Series motor with an electrically generated magnetic field
** Values ​​can vary considerably, depending on the battery system, the winch can pull up to twice, the traction is designed for a standard 70 AH battery. With more powerful battery systems, the pulling power must be limited by the current / voltage. 

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