Nakatanenga winch bundle with PUNDMANN 75909 or 75484 incl. accessories

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↪️️ Winch bundle ✔️ PUNDMANN 75909 or 75784 ✔️ incl. Nakatanenga winch window, winch cable, bumper ✔️ with orange or grey winch cable
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PUNDMANN electric winches bundle with plastic rope In the Nakatanenga winch bundle for the... more

PUNDMANN electric winches bundle with plastic rope

In the Nakatanenga winch bundle for the Land Rover Defender, you get everything you need for safe and reliable self or third-party recovery:

The basis is the proven Nakatanenga NAWIBU2 winch bumper, which is equally suitable for Defender with or without air conditioning. The bumper, which is manufactured locally for us, is powder-coated black and reliably protects the front of the vehicle even during tough off-road use. The raised corners of the bumper improve the vehicle's slope angle. The two integrated, swivelling recovery eyes are ideal for self-recovery and recovery by others - or for hooking in the pulley, which is also supplied and doubles the pulling force of the winch or makes difficult recoveries possible in the first place. The design of the winch bumper allows for easy registration by means of a fee-based individual approval.

There is the optional possibility of mounting two 70 mm spotlights recessed - so they are optimally protected against damage in the terrain. We use modern LED driving lights from Nolden, which provide excellent light with low power consumption (only 1.1 A per headlight). They have an E-mark and can therefore be used without registration. In order to harmonise with any existing Nolden Bi-LED main headlights, the auxiliary driving lamps are available in black or chrome-coloured optics.

Control options: IP68, waterproof up to 1m deep
Remote control: radio and cable control in one:

Light signal in case of overload, weak battery

Technical data of the cable winch 75909:

  • Maximum tractive force: 4537 Kg
  • Mains voltage: 12V
  • Pulling speed (empty): 7.3 m/min
  • Pulling speed (loaded): 1.5 m/min
  • Dead weight: 25,9 kg
  • Drum (ØxLength): 70x224 mm
  • Total size (LxH): 540 x 229 mm
  • Rope diameter: 10 mm
  • Rope length: 30 m

Technical data of the cable winch 75784:

  • Maximum tractive force: 5443 Kg
  • Mains voltage: 12V
  • Pulling speed (empty): 6.7 m/min
  • Pulling speed (loaded): 1.5 m/min
  • Dead weight: 26,5 kg
  • Drum (ØxLength): 70x224 mm
  • Total size (LxH): 540 x 229 mm
  • Rope diameter: 10 mm
  • Rope length: 30 m

Depending on the vehicle version and winch type, it may be necessary to adapt the radiator grille.

The winches have a synthetic fibre rope made of high-strength fibre instead of the conventional steel rope. This is not only much lighter (and thus benefits the handling and efficiency of the vehicle), but also much safer to use. In the event of tearing, it does not become a dangerous projectile - rather, it simply falls to the ground. In fact, it is so light that it floats! It also drastically reduces the risk of injury from protruding strand ends. The flat Nakatanenga rope window again saves weight compared to conventional roller rope windows, is gentler on the rope and protrudes less.

The winch bundle is rounded off by a useful accessory bag containing a high-strength tree anchor strap, two shackles, the above-mentioned pulley and a pair of Nakatanenga work gloves.

Bundle consisting of:

1 x cable winch PUNDMANN 75909 or 75784- please select the appropriate variant
1x radio and cable control (combination)
1 x Nakatanenga winch window
1 x plastic winch cable - optionally in orange or grey
1 x accessory bag for plastic winch cable
1 x winch bumper - optional: without headlight, with 70mm Nolden spotlight black, with 70mm Nolden spotlight chrome
1 x cable set for winch mounting
1 x winch hook XL

The cable winch bundle does not come with an ABE or expert opinion for the bumper. Registration as an "equipment carrier cable winch" is possible at numerous test centres without any problems by means of individual acceptance for which a charge is made. We recommend prior consultation with the local, authorised test engineer - or alternatively registration in our company. For this purpose, we require the vehicle with mounted bumper incl. cable winch on site. You can also mount the bumper yourself - we will then take care of the registration! We will charge you for the TÜV fees - according to our experience 100-150 EUR - as well as the working time of approx. 1 hour.

Please also note our installation flat rate! If you add this to your shopping basket during the order process and send it off, we will contact you to arrange an appointment - please note that we have several weeks' lead time for workshop appointments!

For the care of the plastic winch rope and to extend its service life, we recommend the appropriate LUBI-FILL impregnation spray. For intensive and frequent use of the winch, we recommend the use of the Nakatanenga double battery system with 160Ah total capacity.



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