Wind deflector ClimAir Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4, front

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↪️ 1 pair of front wind deflectors ClimAir Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 ✔️ Front ✔️ Easy assembly - with ABE ✔️ available in 2 colors ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Off-road vehicles are not designed for aerodynamics and invertebrate air currents, of course.... more

Off-road vehicles are not designed for aerodynamics and invertebrate air currents, of course. This is seldom noticeable when driving the car, because most of the time you don't even get into the corresponding speed ranges. However, there is one aspect where the rustic boxy shape of the Discovery quickly shows annoying disadvantages and that is the almost rectangular and rather vertically positioned windows.

Especially in tough off-road conditions or in cold and wet weather, for example, when the Discovery's ventilation fails again and the windows mist up, you're glad to be able to roll the windows down a bit. But then the effect described at the beginning becomes apparent very quickly. The strong turbulence on the angular windows is not only noisy, but draws even more dust and water into the car. This is annoying even for hardened off-roaders.

The absolutely precise-fitting and extremely robust wind deflectors from ClimAir for Discovery III and Discovery IV provide an immediate remedy here and guarantee improved fresh air supply and a pleasant interior climate in all seasons. The screens made of cast acrylic glass reliably keep snow and rainwater out both when driving and when stationary, and ensure that you can avoid any build-up of heat through the window, which is open a crack wide, even when it is very hot in summer. This is especially good news for children and pets on the road or on a journey. And the improved supply of fresh air is also good news for smokers and their passengers.

The wind deflectors are available in smoke grey, black and clear and come with general operating permit (ABE). Installation is a matter of minutes with the enclosed instructions. The wind deflectors are available in pairs for the front doors.

Suitable for Landrover Discovery III (L319) 2004 - 2009 off-road vehicle closed, 5-doors and Discovery IV (L319)) 2009 Off-road closed, 5-door

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