Nakatanenga Ventilation Panels Side Windows - Land Rover Discovery 1/2/3/4

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Nakatanenga ventilation panels side windows - Land Rover Discovery 1/2/3/4 Good air... more

Nakatanenga ventilation panels side windows - Land Rover Discovery 1/2/3/4

Good air circulation as with slightly open windows and yet no greater risk of rainwater penetration or theft than with closed windows? And protection from various insects?

That's possible: with our ventilation panels with mosquito net, made of aluminium to exactly fit a wide range of off-roaders - no clattering universal parts that "somehow" hold in place! For a discreet appearance, the aluminium panels, which are supplied in pairs, are powder-coated black.

Ideal not only for campers and dog owners, but also to prevent heat build-up when parking in the blazing sun. And it's super easy to install: roll down the window, insert the ventilation plate, roll up the window, done!

Please note: In high temperatures, children or animals do not belong in a parked car, even with sufficient fresh air!

Length: 520 mm

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