Compact extension with arch shape for Nakatanenga Evolution2 Awning, stone grey

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↪️ ️ the companion for the vacation ✔️ for Nakatanenga Evolution2 awning ✔️ perfect shade ✔️ width 140cm, 200cm, 250cm
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Sense and purpose of an awning compact extension? Glare protection when the sun is low in the... more

Sense and purpose of an awning compact extension?

Glare protection when the sun is low in the sky
The compact extension was developed directly from practical requirements - a nice formulation that in itself means nothing more than: "We were so annoyed and dazzled by the low sun one fine day that we wanted to remedy the situation." And already the initial question is actually fully answered. But that would only be half the truth.

On the following picture you can see an awning without extension shown above:


As the sun sinks (the same applies in the morning, of course - but for the sake of clarity we will limit ourselves here to the afternoon or evening situation), the light falls further and further under the awning. At a certain position of the sun, the light/shadow dividing line reaches the eye level of a seated person - from now on, the sun can dazzle until it sets.

The illustration below shows an awning with a compact extension, which offers several advantages with its angled bracing:

When the sun is high, a much larger area is shaded.
Only when the sun is setting, the light/shadow dividing line reaches the eye level of a seated person. Here, of course, deviations are possible, since both the slope of the guy, the size of the person and his sitting position are influencing factors.
But the most important thing is: You can see what's going on in your surroundings despite the glare shield! If the eyes and the lower edge of the compact extension are on a horizontal plane, then the view would extend exactly to the (ideal) horizon. If you compare that with a moderately braced complete front part, where the view is just between a few centimeters to a few steps - what a difference!

What if the sun comes in from the side?
Well, then the vehicle will probably have to be moved. But not with our new compact extension. All you have to do is unhinge it from the front and you can attach it to the side in just a few easy steps. Voila!
But please note: The awnings have a uniform depth of two meters, but differ in their widths. Ideally it hit here all those who have a 200er awning. Owners of a 250 have three options:

They simply allow the extension to protrude when used from the side - utility over beauty.
You opt for a 200 compact extension - this does not detract from the function.
You buy two compact extensions at once - a 250 for the front and a 200 for the side.

Feel free to guess what we recommend ;-)

Made from our sun sail and awning fabric, a 280 gsm RipStop Polycotton (65% polyester / 35% cotton), metal coated on one side; water and dirt repellent impregnated;
due to the comparatively heavy quality, significantly less flutter.

Color: stone grey (taupe) 

Our compact extensions are also suitable for use on the awnings of most other manufacturers. The only requirement is a free keder strip in the front profile of the awning or such must be retrofitted.


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