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Nakatanenga ALLROUND Sand Ladder, 110cm

€89.00 *

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↪️ 110 cm length ✔️ 33 cm width ✔️ for recovery of stucked vehicles ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • NASB-AR110
  • 5 kg

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Delivery time appr. 1-3 business days


The ALLROUND-concept:  Unlike other sand ladders, the ALLROUND sand ladder has the... more

The ALLROUND-concept: Unlike other sand ladders, the ALLROUND sand ladder has the lengthways curvature staying out on the other side as the grip holes. This way the tyres won’t drive over the lengthways curvature without even touching the middle part with the holes. This results in an ideal grip while driving over the sand ladder. The special characteristics of the sand ladder allows you to use them with all tyre sizes.

+ direct contact with the tyres
+ ideal grip
+ for all tyre sizes

Material strength: 4 mm
Material: Aluminium
Length: 110 cm
Width: 33 cm
Hole diameter: 6 cm
Weight: 3.7 kg
Price per piece.

- 5% Discount with the 2pcs-Bundle
- 10% Discount with the 4pcs-Bundle

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