Trekking Axe with Wooden Handle and Blade Guard

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↪️️ trekking axe ✔️ forged in one piece blade ✔️ robust wooden handle ✔️ length: 38cm or 60cm ✔️ fast shipping
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Trekking axe with wooden handle Real outdoor adventures – from simply camping in nature to... more

Trekking axe with wooden handle

Real outdoor adventures – from simply camping in nature to expert pursuits like survival or bushcraft – are hard to imagine without an axe or hatchet. The requirements are fairly simple: the tools need to be versatile, durable and safe. They need to cut well and should weigh as little as possible. And since axes and hatchets are among mankind’s oldest tools, the most ergonomic and efficient designs are very often the oldest ones.

This handy axe by Spanish manufacturer Bellota is made in the tradition of the Biscayne trade axes, a very old, traditional design from the Basque region that has made its biggest impact during the colonization of North America. The Biscayne style features a straight top of the axe head, a short blade and a slightly rounded edge. The head is forged from a single piece of steel, making it very long-lived and virtually indestructible. The straight handle is 38cm or 60cm long and has a conic joint connection with the head – guaranteeing a great degree of safety and it also prevents the axe head from loosening due to impact forces or physical influences like changes in temperature or moisture of the wood.

Bellota’s Biscayne axe is great for chopping firewood, trimming branches or felling thin trees. An axe for all situations, at home or in the bush.

The Axzt with 38cm wooden shaft is also available in a bundle with Swiss pioneer pick and folding saw with matching storage bag.

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