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Switch box / switch system, Terrafirma with 8 switches

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↪️️ Multi-function 8-way switch panel system ✔️ touchscreen panel ✔️ 50 selectable symbols ✔️ easy assembly ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • TF7010
  • 2 kg

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Terrafirma Multi-function 8-way switch panel system If you are looking to fit LED lights to... more

Terrafirma Multi-function 8-way switch panel system

If you are looking to fit LED lights to your vehicle but are put off with all the wiring?

This 8-way switch panel allows you to wire up eight different lights or accessories while only having one switch panel mounted in the cab of the vehicle. No more drilling lots of holes with separate switches and relays.

Simply connect your lights to the main fused control board and run one control wire through to the cab area. This then allows you to control all eight devices separately. A  Sheet with 50 switch symbol stickers is also included so you can customise your touch screen panel to match your lights.

Product information:

  • Maximum Power - 600 w - 1200 w
  • Maximum Current - 60 A
  • Input 12 v to 24 v
  • Outlets - 2 x 30 amp, 2 x 20 amp, 2 x 10 amp and 2 x 5 amp
  • IP67 rated

What's included:

  • Touch Screen Panel (115 mm x 66 mm x 15 mm)
  • Circuit Control Box (162 mm x 110 mm x 34 mm)
  • Fuses
  • Switch Panel Brackets
  • Voltage Protection Breaker
  • Circuit Box Brackets
  • Sheet with 50 switch symbol stickers
  • Battery Cables & Wire harness
  • Screws & Mounting Hardware
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