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BlueSea Fuse Block and Power Distribution

€58.00 *

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↪️ allows a clean, safe wiring of up to 6 or 12 circuits ✔️ incl. earth point and fuse protection ✔️ with cover + stickers ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • NABS5025
  • 1 kg

In stock,
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Amount of circuits:

Compact size BlueSea blade fuse block and power distribution for either six or up to twelve... more

Compact size BlueSea blade fuse block and power distribution for either six or up to twelve seperately fused circuits for up to 30 Amps per electronic installation and currencies up to 32 volts. Fitting a variety of cars with 6 V up to 24 V supply systems.

These fuse boxes also provide a common negative bus to minimize bad earth problems.

New version offers two separate circuits, thus allowing e.g. 6 installation with permanent life feed and 6 with ignition life feed.

This fuse box can be the starting point for well laid-out and safe vehicle electrics and should be fitted from early on when starting fitting additional appliances and electical installations. The box itself should be fused - not more than 30 cm away from the battery with a maximum of 125 A - for which we recommend our fuse carrier (up to 200 A) from the same supplier with the suitable 125 A MIDI strip fuse.

Comes with:

  • fuse box for either 6 or 12 circuits
  • clear plastic cover with recessed placeholder for lables
  • two slots for spare blade fuses
  • no fuses supplied

Technical details:

Modell SHMA-6 SHMA-12 SHMA-6+6
number of circuits max. 6 max. 12 max. 6+6
placeholder for spare fuses 2 2 2
dimensions 125x85x39 mm 165x85x39 mm 165x85x39 mm
weight 250 Gramm 350 Gramm 350 Gramm
max. per circuit max. 30 A max. 30 A max. 30 A
max. overall max. 100 A max. 100 A max. 100 A
max. voltage max. 32 V max. 32 V max. 32 V

Please choose number of circuits.

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